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1. Reply to this post with the word BANANA, and I will pick 6-8 of your icons.
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4. This will create a never ending cycle of icon glee.

Thisss! It is my userpic because it is both beautiful and significant of my current interests - I realise Doctor Who finished some time ago, but I haven't found a new programme to obsess over since. Except, uh, a really embarrassing one I won't even name.

Anyway, my key interest with Doctor Who is the quartet of Eleven, Amy, Rory and River, but although I have an OT4 icon, the people aren't as clearly visible as this one, so this one it was (the people are Eleven, Amy, and Rory, but I'm guessing you knew that).

So! I LOVE THEM SO MUCH. They are the OT3est OT3 to ever OT3. Eleven and Rory are Amy's boys! They stand too close to one another and sometimes touch foreheads! (Touching foreheads is sort of Amy and Eleven's thing, though, I must say.) Eleven considers Rory so much a part of the group that when Rory disappears from ALL TIME AND SPACE, Eleven can't forget that he was a part of the group, to the point that when he does return, Eleven doesn't notice anything's different. He also thinks Rory's gorgeous and according to a deleted scene, likes him a lot. And in one of the books, he kisses him on the foooreheeead (also an Eleven/Amy thing. Maybe he sees them as part of the same unit/similar? I don't know).

And Eleven and Amy! The greatest unrequited love of all time. And possibly the first time ever the Doctor has been in unrequited love, which is rather marvellous. He pines after her so beautifully, and all she wants is his sex. Admittedly, it is somewhat more complicated than that. They're also a hilarious double act, she ran away with him on the eve of her wedding, thought she wanted to be with him after facing death, and given that he met her as a child, leading to her being sent to five psychiatrists, and being fixated on him for a good part of her life ('the girl who waited', oh, Amy Pond), there's a slight familial thing there. Also a surprising lack of bitterness, but I guess seeing the stars (and being Amy Pond) does that to you. Also, she gets him. Whether it's because they're similar, because she's had so many years to think about him, or just something natural or supernatural, she understands him in a way most people don't. Even more intiguingly, Rory does too. He's done his research. Literally.

And Amy and Rory, the only explicit love story in the triangle (although early season Eleven/Amy comes close, and that's not counting unrequiteds). They get married! They survive endless tragedy and Amy's commitment phobia and a tall, dark hero from the stars. Amy waited for the Doctor through lack of choice, Rory waited for Amy through choice. I'm not entirely sure what that says about the two pairings, I'm just putting it out there. I love how they are basically a fairytale, that they become a myth known throughout the starless world. I love that she remembers him when everything in the universe tells her not to, that she remembers him even before he comes back to her. I love that they are cute. If I love Eleven/Amy for the angst, I love these two for the lack of it. For all the death and destruction they endure, when it comes down to it, they're sweet and hopeful down to the bone.

Most of all, though, I love them as a trio. They are a team, and they belong together. Eleven may 'ship Amy/Rory because he 'ships Amy/anyone but him, because he will ~never be enough~ and he can't forgive himself for letting her down before, but he loves her against all his best wishes, and she and Rory love him too. When he sneaks off because he can't face another goodbye they both know him well enough to realise he wants to keep them, and they want to keep him. One of the first things Rory says when Eleven comes back is 'he was the stripper at my wedding'. Which is pretty up for misinterpretation. And then Amy is saying things like 'we haven't even had a snog in the shrubbery' and Rory is not even minding because obviously, he'll be joining in, which is the most blatant polygamy I have EVER SEEN on television (except for The Vampire Diaries, which is just polygamy: it's okay if she isn't evil, the PSA).

Sorry about the length D: if more cutting is required I'll post it in parts because smaller cuts are necessary for spoilers.

Continued .
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