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You, Me, And Count Dupree

Meme from scruby
1. Reply to this post with the word BANANA, and I will pick 6-8 of your icons.
2. Make a post (including this info) and talk about the icons I chose.
3. Other people can then comment to you and make their own posts.
4. This will create a never ending cycle of icon glee.

This is another icon from Legend of the Seeker, which I explained here. This one features Richard, the hero of our tale, Kahlan, his badass girlfriend, and Cara, her badass girlfriend. They are kind of a perfect OT3.

The thing is, Kahlan and Richard are an OTP. They are ridiculously in love with one another, constantly kissing and having sex while not fully themselves, and being generally cute at one another. Too cute. Without Cara, Richard and Kahlan turn into this - a couple whose very lives are devoted to making eyes at one another and being almost sickeningly perfect. With Cara, they are a match for any evildoer. Her eyerolling and sarcastic oneliners make them bearable. (The icon keywords are 'you love her; she loves you', which is Cara being lolsome over yet another of Richard and Kahlan's protracted goodbyes. She's all 'we know this, get it over with', and they giggle and nod at her adorable jealousy.)

Fyi, keywords for the other icons in this meme - Eleven/Amy/Rory - 'you're a lucky man', is Eleven saying telling Rory he kissed Amy while bursting out of a cake at Rory's stag party. He's all she's ~amazing and Rory does his wounded puppy look at him and Eleven goes 'S: you say something in your head and it sounds fine...'. Lol Eleven looks so much the ~jelus third wheel in this icon.

Cara/Kahlan - 'if this is a trick' - Kahlan threatening Cara in episode one with her hand around her neck and the threat of confession (which is deadly to Mord'Sith) hanging heavy in the air. She's concerned Cara's attempt to help them is a way to lead them into a Mord'Sith atack. (It's not.)

Eleven/Jeff - 'you have to be magnificent' - Eleven psyching Jeff up for his telling people what to do via computer. He's all dancing around in his face like he's going to kiss him, it is perf.

Cara and Richard meet in the Season 1 finale, and I shipped them from the start. They are natural enemies, FORCED TOGETHER to save the world. They share a bed and have a brief kiss! Thankfully, the ~romance~ element is lost when they team up, and there are no tiresome love triangles, only glorious OT3ness - well, when Kahlan becomes weepy!Kahlan, she gets very suspicious of them, but we'll not go there, because she also has eyesex with herself. Richard trusts Cara implictly (too much, in Kahlan's opinion), and Cara is absurdly loyal to him and takes it upon herself to be his ~protector, and they are basically bros. And Cara admits to a wee ball of light that she loves him! And they balance each other out - compassion and practicality! Aaand this is not a Richard/Cara post.

Cara and Kahlan are beloved of fandom, because a) they are strong women with flaws and insecurities who save the day just as much as the handsome hero, and b) they do things like holding hands as they die and confessing their love and hugging while trapped in a tomb. Also one time Cara eyed her up and said she couldn't ~take the pain of the magic dildo (she was using it for cauterising; they're not THAT obvious) and they was all eyebrowily impressed when Kahlan could and Kahlan did a proud grin. And then fainted, but ehhh.

Richard and Kahlan are in love. Like, the show bigs up their love to an extent only allowed in cheesy cheesy fantasy shows. THEIR LOVE CAN OVERCOME THE BLOOD RAGE. AND THE POWER OF THE AGIEL. AND CREATE A NEW STONE OF TEARS. The first season focuses on the fact that their love can ~never be, all Kahlan being tragic and stoic and Richard pining from afar. There is also some kissing and naked swimming hijinks. Admittedly, it's not exactly Kahlan the hijinks happen with, but it gets included in fanvids, so it gets included in this.

The whole having moments of romance while supernaturally changed is very Smallville. It's very fantasy in general, but right now it's reminding me of Smallville. It doesn't suck like Smallville, though. No offense to Smallville. I watched it the other day and Stefan Salvatore was apparently Lex's brother and they were enemies, so obviously that meant they had to make eyes at one another and stand very close while half-naked. And make weird innuendo-y dialogue. And yet Lex and Lana, who apparently are in love (well, unrequited at that point), had no chemistry. Lol whatever, Smallville.

Aaanyway, the second season is basically just their relationship deepening - they talk about bbs! Nikki suggests kinky threesomes! they ~trust and ~know one another! It's all very lovely, and there is sex where before there was kissing.

As for the three together, it's mostly Cara stopping just short of sticking her finger in her mouth, Richard and Kahlan exchanging amused glances at Cara's Cara-ness, and a lot of life-saving/fighting together. I can't think of any ensemble scenes that stick out, it's mostly developing of each relationship and wandering around together.

I have decided to post this an actually reasonable time after the last post because I want to talk about Barney/Ted. OH MY HEART, HOW I LOVE BARNEY/TED.

So much Barney/Ted this season. He freaking WOOED him. He looked at him like he was the only person in the world! And broke his date before sex rule! Admittedly the sex in this case was creating a building, buuut? And everyone 'ships them, lololol best ever.

And then Barney being all delighted about Ted working with him and agreeing with all his plans even when they weren't Barney's plans and talking about Ted's disappointing weiner. Robin's FACE. In my head it was a threesome face. I 'ship Ted/Barney/Robin, sorry. Kanyeshrugging rn.

I LOVE the gag reel. ALL LAUGHTER, ALL THE TIME. And Barney/Ted 'shippin' in the first few minutes! They are more of an OT5 than even the characters. Also Neil has chemistry with everyone and everything, what a dude. Also yo. Sorry, but these are things that briefly made me think that MAYBE IT WOULD BE CANON until I remembered I am not that ridiculous. And you should catch tinhat fever too.

Also I am hoping Barney and Robin will get back together SO HARD. She sundressed up! He lost the race (and tackled Ted) for her! His wee smiiile whenever she is happy. Wanting to talk about her feelings in the cab, canon ridiculous beautiful angst. The only thing I liked about the breakup was him not sleeping with J-Lo so Robin would be happy. And giving her the perfect date.

I am unlike the rest of the fandom in that I didn't care for The Leap - I do not want his love to disappear when it ceases to be unrequited! I WANT IT TO BE A FOREVER LOVE, OKAY, SHUT UP. So, uh, I hope my dreams of ~a love that lasts~ occur. I want them to be the people getting married when Ted meets The Mother! Idk why TPTB ever broke them up, they were developing so well and then SUDDENLY NO. Their personalities clashing makes sense, but the way they did it was not for me. Although I guess Robin needed to be ready for love, and Don did that? But the break-up, so poorly executed.

FUCK YEAH CANON LILY/ROBIN. Sorry, it was a thing that had to be said.


I've only seen up to Architect of Destruction myself, so NO SPOILERS PLEASE.
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