but you're the apple of my eye anyway (newbie1990) wrote,
but you're the apple of my eye anyway

A++ on your existence.

Omggggg, thank you so much marvellous giver of paid accounts! YOU ARE THE BESTESTEST.

In return, have, uh, a link to an amazing video?

I was writing an entry on things I like about NCIS and also I still have one more icon meme - the Being Human trio - but a) I am useless with words rn, and b) you may very well dislike those things immensely! so I guess I shall MAKE UP A MEME. Ask me for recs? I would say fic, but I am legit only capable of badfic. So I guess you could also ask for badfic? I enjoy badfic way too much, and not always ironically or for lols.

Imagine there is a Troy doing birthday thumbs-up .gif here, because I do not have one uploaded to Photobucket.
Tags: awesome things that are awesome, meme
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