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but you're the apple of my eye anyway

Ugh every time I listen to 'Read All About It' I get Larry Stylinson feelings and every time I listen to 'Holding A Heart' I get Horrible Histories feelings. THE SECOND ONE DOESN'T EVEN MAKE ANY SENSE. And every time that advert with 'London Burning' comes on: WHAM, CHARLES II FEELS. Thank you Horrible Histories.

I REALLY WANT THIS DRESS. Look at the flowers! Look at the purple!

I already have this and this, and I just bought this although I'm not sure if I only wanted it because the model was really pretty.

I need dresses to replace the ones I had to give up because they were too big. I bought one in a size 22 (US 18) because a) it was THE MOST BEAUTIFUL and b) I, er, wanted something just in case I gained weight so there could actually be advantages to gaining weight. PEOPLE BUY DRESSES THAT ARE TOO SMALL FOR EQUALLY DUBIOUS REASONS, YO. And it was THE PRETTIEST SHADE OF GREEN and had SPARKLY BITS. The other dress was, uh, also at least one size too big when I bought it, because it was A FUSCHIA SATIN PROM DRESS and I was like WHOA. I also had this weird corset-y dress with a lacy skirt I knew I could never wear in public which I got rid of.

I don't even wear dresses, they're just really pretty and sometimes I buy pretty things I will never wear just because I want them to exist in my proximity. I have at least one pair of shoes I bought knowing full well I could never walk in them.

Unexpectedly hot: Lucifer/Gabriel. OMG HAVE ALL THE WALLSEX. That's...sex against a wall, not sex with a wall. Although, ngl, that would be epic. I should feel guilty because most of their dynamic is based on Chronicles of Brothers where they are brothers and MAN I BROTHERSHIP THEM SO HARD and I want Lucifer to want him to rule Hell alongside him and be unable to hurt him. I mean, I want that with Lucifer&Michael too, but Lucifer is so relentlessly a dick to Michael that I'm pretty resigned to the fact. But no. No guilt left in my system sry2say. I need an angels icon that isn't a girl with a gun.

EDIT: Nvm, here is some sex with a wall. Charles II/wall, to be precise. It's actually good. I mean, it's hilarious, not hot, but I don't imagine sex with a wall could ever be hot. Unless, idk, you were listening to someone through it rather than being legit into walls.
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