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things 22-year-olds should not do: read one direction fanfic

OH MAN I'M 22. I have not had nearly enough life experience to be 22. 22-year-olds are supposed to be cool people who spend their Friday nights getting drunk and having one-night stands! My Friday nights are spent writing poems about people in the Bible banging. Sometimes I have too much shame to even get them to that point! EVEN THE PEOPLE I WRITE ABOUT DON'T LIVE THE LIFE I'M SUPPOSED TO.

Comfort me, LJ friends! ;____;. Oh man, if you don't this post will just be the saddest ever. I'll take a screencap and submit it to a story competition as a tragedy.

EDIT: heeeeey physically incapable of replying to things rn go me.
Tags: happy birthday to me~, this is who you follow/are friended to, well-adjusted people
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