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Okay, I am posting partly to say that I have received a paid account from a Mysterious Anonymous Source. Thank you, Mysterious Anonymous Source! You are a wonderful human being. In return, I will be posting a really old Charlie Brooker/David Mitchell fic I half-wrote but never finished, and a less-old Alexander/Hephaestion fic I...also never finished. Because I really don't have much else to offer, so unless you have any objections, that is your ~prize~. I've also got very short Sleeping Beauty fic, and equally short Bella Swan fic? Idk, I'll just post everything I can find in the hope you like something. It, uh, may take some time.

I am also posting to inform you that apparently Jeremy Renner has been doing some fairly dickish things of late, and, um. The More You Know?


Other things: you know what the greatest invention of the past thousand years is? CHEESECAKE CHEESE. Yes, you read that right. CHEESECAKE MOTHERFLIPPING CHEESE. To be precise, raspberry and cranberry cheesecake Wensleydale.

MAN THIS BOOK. So, so infuriating, but the only book in a while I've seriously not wanted to end. Normally I, like, enjoy the book, but the sense of accomplishment at finishing it is cool. Idk, it was just really engaging. Maddening, but I couldn't stop reading.

It was maddening because an actual theme of the book was Women Lie About Rape (because the town conspiracy/a demon tells them to) and liberal Christians and pagans are apparently Satan-worshippers without really meaning to be!

I found the pastor dude kind of difficult to like because I was expecting him to go off on a tirade about America's liberal values/socialism/~Biblical marriage~ (ie, marry your aunt like Moses' parents! LET'S NOT EVEN MENTION LOT'S DAUGHTERS)/how you are totally going to Hell. Weirdly, the book didn't even mention Hell, or Judgement Day, or the Rapture. It was basically the author blackmailing you into praying or ANGELS WILL TOTALLY DIE. I'm pretty sure angels drawing their power from prayer isn't in the Bible, but whatever, there are worse myths to perpetuate.

I liked the journalist dude, mainly because he was a total screwup with anger issues, and his daughter because she was lost and alienated and looking for her place in the world. I liked Bernice because she was broken and avenging her sister's death, which is sliiightly subverting the whole action-hero-aveges-female-family-member's-death trope. Tbh possibly I just liked them because my default state in fiction is 'like the character' unless they turn out to be an unforgivable douche, and like them more if they're shy and awkward because SO AM I, FICTIONAL FRIEND, SO AM I.

I did not appreciate angels wanting to spit on people because NO. Angels are benevolent if freaking terrifying, let's ignore the angel of death and the whole Samael thing.

I don't think much while reading except to go 'I like this description' or 'this sentence is way too run on'. If I come to conclusions I do it while reflecting later. Sometimes I feel guilty about this or vaguely stupid when reading other people's fannish analysis. I'm not really the ideal fandom person. Sometimes I really like dynamics or characters or plots and want to see more of them, sometimes I want to make words and have words made at me about things I've just read or watched, sometimes I write because I like immersing myself in a world and making funnies. I'm not the thinky super-clever meta-ing person generally attracted to fandom. I like things vaguely and I'm not sure why I like them.
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