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I might as well as post a post. I have watched a lot of things lately, and read a lot of things. I have also started playing Criminal Case. I do not trust Criminal Case. It requires money if you want to play it at normal speed. It is annoying in this respect. I vowed to quit it and then my friend told me you could get free energy, but I also do not trust the links to free energy. ~The dilemmas of the modern life~.

Anyway, Doctor Who! The whole Twelve-is-not-a-good-man plot kind of grew on me, although at first I was very much 'No, the Doctor CARES, that is like the point of the Doctor', because Eleven cared SO MUCH and was so kind to people. I know he had ~another side, but all the same.

Also Clara's face and Clara's hair and Clara's wardrobe. I have no idea if Jenna's acting in the finale elevated the content and made what could have been a mildly weird scene seem meaningful and painful and lovely, or if I'm just bewitched by her face.

And the whole Doctor and Missy scene, with 'I want my friend back' and augh, I love their dynamic and how the whole plot wasn't even villainy any more, it was about ancient friendships, and it was such a wonderful plan. And the Doctor being so thrilled and 'I really didn't know!' Which is pretty wonderful from a 'the Doctor learning about himself anew' point of view. And 'I'm an idiot. With a box.' Because that's a lovely view of the Doctor. Although I don't know how much of my experience of this show is my thinking about how other people will view it. And being wrong, usually.

And the Thick Of It reference! That was delightful.

And jeez, the end. People lying to one another for the other person's good, WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS YOU TWO BUFFOONS. 'Never trust a hug. Just a way to hide your face.'

Oh, and DANNY. Danny being utterly wonderful and sending back the boy and missing Clara, and I really truly hope the raising his gun was not about jealousy, because that would be very :/ indeed. I use emoticons as words now, I'm not sure if that is me ~growing in communication or losing my vocabulary.

And! Love is a promise, and he will never harm her, which is such a lovely view of love, although maybe too idealistic? Because brainwashing can make people hurt those they love. And all kinds of toxic things. I don't know. But all the same, lovely.

I imagine Old Who people were thrilled by the Brigadier, so I was pretty pleased too. OSWIN, also, being fantastic and brave and impressing even Twelve! :D And Missy thought she was pretty and I kept waiting for her to be being mean and joking but no, that was a thing. It's never good when the Master/Missy thinks you're pretty, though. You either end up enslaved or abused or dead. Your only choice is to be a Time Lord or a companion.

The whole anti-military theme was delightful, too, because themes being continued, and Danny yelling at the Doctor, and Missy presenting him with an army, and the Doctor giving it up, and there was so much cleverness and so many twists! The tourists being UNIT, the Doctor being President, everything with the bracelet.

I do not like the Clara as control freak thing, though. I didn't think she was a control freak in her first season, and in this season she was just smart. At the beginning! Super-smart amazing angel. It also has that whiff of Moffat sexism. I'm not great at knowing characters/seeing their characteristics, though.

I loved how this season we had children/young people as one-episode companions, both because it's nice for the younger audience, because the Doctor interacting with them was cool, and because both Rigsy and Courtney getting to be awesome, and being generally pretty wonderful. Rigsy was adorable, and Courtney was just a great, troublesome character to have on the TARDIS.

Also the episode in the way distant future, hearts hearts hearts.

This post has sat around not being edited for months now, so I may as well post it. I'm not even sure I remember the rest of my Doctor Who thoughts, although now I am watching the episodes I didn't see from season 6 and Rory and Amy are partly wonderfulness and redeeming love, and partly the subject of a disturbing amount of violence-related jokes. Many other cool things too, but I am not especially brimming over with thoughts atm.
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