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I'm not sure how I feel about Doctor Who this week. I didn't like last week's episode, but I don't know if that was my mood and my tendency to call everything Deus Ex Machina. I also dislike the habit of making everything into a two-parter. I don't like cliffhangers, I like resolution. Although I guess enough mysteries were resolved that I felt somewhat satisfied.

I really liked the first five minutes or so - the fact that not all the sign language was translated, the business-y guy caring only about profits, conversations with the TARDIS about her concerns - and then after that I was less keen. The thing about the writing was far too obvious - if I notice something, that's generally a sign it's far too obvious, and while you might possibly attribute them not figuring it out to the crew being confused and facing lots of danger, and puzzles being more difficult to piece together without confirmation via ominous camera shots and their lives not actually being edited down, it's still...it could easily have been made less obvious.

The relationship between the deaf woman and the guy who signed for her was lovely - her concern for him and the rest of the crew, her being the smartest person in the room when the Doctor stepped out - and the conversation between Bespectacled Science Guy and Clara about him wanting to join UNIT, and deferring the expected awkward chat-up line - 'I'm not a fighter. I'm more of a bleeder.' - endeared him to me.

I liked the concept of the cue cards for the Doctor, and maybe it does work for Twelve, but the whole 'the Doctor as emotionally incontinent' thing goes against compassion being, like, the defining characteristic of the Doctor.

I'm not sure how I feel about the sunglasses as a substitute for the sonic screwdriver. They're very ageing rockstar, but they did work quite well this episode.

I don't know, the things I liked either went - all the sign language being explained, and I know that's necessary for plot points (although there were times she sometimes understood sign language even though she was being signed at behind her back, and??? Either she is v skilled or you're missing things), but it was a nice idea for them to be able to talk and it not having to be explained.

Or if they didn't go I somehow ended up tired of them because there was ~too much of them~, which may be more down to me being weirdly intolerant. I have a headache and I feel sick, I'm allowed to be weird and judgey about television.

Also I'm not sure if Clara's offer of a high five and 'don't leave me hanging' was really in character?

Having thought about it I think the first five minutes were, in my head, like something from a more intelligent show. And maybe that's not the point of Doctor Who, it is family viewing and it is charming and comfortable and silly.
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