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Surely I cannot be the only person weirded out by the Doctor/Ashildr-shipping implications? Like, Clara being all 'I'll fight you for her' when Clara is too old for her, never mind the two thousand-year-old alien in the body of a sixtysomething man. I do appreciate the whole canonical-bisexuality thing, though, because yay. I'd just rather it wasn't in this particular form.

But I really liked all the hubris and the consequences of hubris (I phrased this much better when I initially thought this up), and the inherent meta on Ten & Ten's God complex/hubris. And the callback to Ten and Pompeii.

I really liked the second Ashildr episode? At least, I liked Ashildr/Lady Me's angst and keeping diaries because otherwise she'd forget and arguments with the Doctor. And the Doctor's reason being that he needed humans to remind himself of...what was it, the importance of life? Because death meant they felt more, cared more, about others and about life itself. Whereas immortality resulted in being cold and bitter.

I think the fact that she was a thousand years old, alone and bitter and had Doctor/Missy-esque arguments with him made shipping them a lot more palatable. Just, her anger at him and 'this is who you made me' and that is sort of one of my favourite relationship types, the 'you made me evil and I wish you cared about me and until you do I'll be spreading misery'.

And she kept begging him to let her travel with him to avoid the pain of watching everybody die, and then had her own deeply dubious plans when he wouldn't, plans that involved murder and tying him to a chair. And the 'I care, oh no, I actually care' moment was wonderful, because embittered immortals discovering they actually have feelings oh no.

And then the return of the Zygons and the political implications I ended up massively disapproving of! Because really, what changed for the Zygons? Nothing. Just, forgive. I mean, yes, they probably faced extinction. But they had to forgive with no hope of anything actually changing. Peter Capaldi's performance was impressive, but it came off very 'my pain is greater than anyone else's'.

And yes, the Doctor (nearly) murdered every member of his species. But he was a Time Lord. That's not the same as being an oppressed group on a planet where you have to completely assimilate and deny your past. The Time Lords were massively powerful, feared and respected and tbh kind of power-hungry.

And he doesn't offer any change, any hope, just insists that they forgive. He's the president of the world, he can do better than telling them that he has more pain than anyone could ever understand and so forgiveness is the only option.

I really liked Clara's mindscape/Clara's methods of preventing Bonnie from harming the Doctor. And the concept of the Osgood boxes was pretty cool. Osgood in general (yay not being dead) and her intense commitment to not being one or the other was pretty fantastic, but the end scene was mildly grating because. Now you're suddenly on team negotiation and peace at all costs even though NOTHING HAS CHANGED.

Although, both the quote in my header and 'I'll be the judge of time' are fantastic, fantastic lines. Both because the Doctor-as-God fascinates me and because the meaningfulness of the Doctor counting it a month rather than minutes when he thought Clara was dead. I can't articulate it, but. Feelings. And time thoughts and God thoughts and probably there's excellent meta about this somewhere.

In other TV news, I love love love that London Spy is queer romance in which queerness is not the point/focus. I massively disapprove if Alex is dead, though. I also can't figure out whether Alex the super-awkward virgin is a cover story he made up to appeal to Danny (or better, to drive Danny away, because him coming up with cover stories to entice him is dodgy, whereas cover stories to drive him away are glorious and angsty) and Alistair the truth, or whether Alistair is a story planted by whoever killed/kidnapped Alex, or possibly planted by MI6 to hide the fact that Alex is now on another mission. Or whether neither are true at all.

Also, I massively ship Hils/Bella after their conversation. Strangers who are especially strange! Completely unnecessary but delightful dancing! Drinking together! You've squeezed me like a lemon! Both giving up information! I will be deeply distressed if there is no fanfiction, because I doubt I could get their tone right.

Since I'm here - I've also watched the whole first season of How To Get Away With Murder because it's on Netflix and also ridiculously good. The whole story is structured really well - the main plot becomes part of the case-of-the-week plotline along with the flashback plotline after what happened in the flashbacks is somewhat established, so it's not a case of wasting time with endless cases of the week. Have some disjointed thoughts:
- Laurel is probably a Gryffindor, Michaela is probably Slytherin because ambition, although she's heavily Ravenclaw too, Wes is full-on Hufflepuff, Annalise probably counts as Hufflepuff, ...I didn't sort Asher until just but he probably counts as Hufflepuff too, and Connor is ambitious and scheming enough to be Slytherin.

- Connor and Oliver have one of those relationships that are gloriously addictive to watch. The kissing in the kitchen scene, Oliver's being head-over-heels and not wanting to be, Connor's slowly falling too.

- Annalise and her mother's whole storyline is fantastic. Not specifying further bc it deserves to be seen, seriously.

- I'm not entirely sure if Michaela's an intense perfectionist or mostly reacting normally to really extreme events.

- Asher is kind of an adorable bro after the first few episodes of 'lol hi my only characterisation is i'm a jerk'. The justice eagle, tho. The justice eagle.

- Asher and Bonnie are adorable. She is so amused by his ridiculousness and he's surprisingly earnest about things - the talk about how everyone was mean but she wasn't, and then she was for no reason and it hurt and that was why he was being a jerk but he'd stop - and genuinely cares about her.

- Bonnie's 'bitch please' to Frank was the greatest.

- The fact that we saw their backgrounds was excellent. I was wondering about what their backgrounds were and then we saw, and. The characterisation is p. fantastic.

- Frank is the worst. Does terrible, immoral, illegal things then throws shade at you for doing the exact same things. Constantly manipulates students into hooking up with him. The worst.

- Michaela's caring about Annalise's boyfriend/Michaela's loyalty to Annalise are wonderful and v. endearing.

- Wes and Laurel's bromance <3

- Sam is the literal worst person who ever lived. Seriously, the dude is such an intense skeezeball. Cheats on his first wife with Annalise, who was his FREAKING PATIENT, cheats on Annalise (TWICE) with students, lies, lies, then lies some more, murders his pregnant girlfriend to cover up his affair, and everything he said to Annalise on the night of his murder in context of her past and. Seriously, just thinking about it. She's not just his wife. She was his patient. He knows her insecurities and her past inside out and he used it againts her in such a brutal, vicious way. The dude has basically no redeeming qualities.

- So many of the clients are the actual worst until she finally starts working with non-assholes.

- It felt like it helped me view cases from the perspective of defendants rather than from the perspective of the prosecution. Because usually TV crime shows follow the prosecution, and this went in another direction. Whether it did or not is debatable.

Also Locke is excellent and the confined space and Tom Hardy being a pedantic Welshman who is terrible at dealing with emotions and wow.

I have thrown enough information about television at this journal for now.
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