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He doesn't like musicals.

Meme from scruby
1. Reply to this post with the word BANANA, and I will pick 6-8 of your icons.
2. Make a post (including this info) and talk about the icons I chose.
3. Other people can then comment to you and make their own posts.
4. This will create a never ending cycle of icon glee.

This is David Mitchell and his smile of BEAUTY. I think I mostly use this icon as a sign of love and delight rather than as a sign that David Mitchell is the best person.

The icon is from The Big Fat Quiz Of The Year 2009 (&c., &c., &c., &c., &c., &c.) , which is where the Brooker/Mitchell fandom began. It is full of snarkiness and banter and hilarity, though not an excess of slash. It also has the charming revelation that David Mitchell owns only two albums. He does not require more. This leads to the quote - 'perhaps, deep down, I want myself to leave'. Awww, David Mitchell.

Anyway, he is great, and much of his comedy is based around his awkward, stuffy-and-a-bit-pompous-yet-somehow-charming personality, and his lack of interaction with the modern world. He has a comedy partner called Robert Webb, with whom he makes shows such as Peep Show (only available to biew in the UK, you can view in here in the US, but as I only found that link via rionaleonhart's Peep Show entries, I am unsure where to find links for other countries - these sites are verified by Google, but at least one episode is missing from the first one. Sorry about that.

Anyway, Peep Show is fairly minority taste. If you have an embarrassment squick, AVOID AVOID AVOID. It's basically about the co-dependent relationship between two entirely different men, Mark and Jeremy. Mark is basically very unlucky David Mitchell with the anxiety amped up to 100. Jeremy is a lazy, lazy man who enjoys taking advantage of Mark, but does (occasionally) show himself to have a bit of a good heart. Like coal with flecks of gold, maybe.

And Mark and Jeremy love each other. On Mark's wedding day, they drive off in his wedding car, never to be parted. And at one point they kiss. For longer than is strictly necessary to prove one's hatred of taboos. Also, looking at Mark's face, he looks a little bit delighted? Am-am I imagining that? And Jeremy described himself as Mark's one. Even Mitchell himself described it as a love story!

And the last series (series 7), while perhaps not as hopelessly shippy as previous ones, featured Jeremy saying 'if our feet touch, we fuck, obviously' (sarcasm. Also weirdly hot), giving Mark beautifully thoughtful presents (both of these in the Christmas episode), and asking Mark if he'd have sex with him (episode 4, which is apparently not available on 4od, and, bizarrely, private on their YouTube channel).

Peep Show fic is usually found here and here, although I'm fairly sure there're others dotted about some on fanfiction.net, this brilliance, which I'm not sure is on either community, and deserves to be read, this, which is a collection of tiny perfect snippets that range from hilarious to heartbreaking, and definitely isn't on either community, and deserves equally to be read.

Also in love: Mitchell and Webb. CONSTANTLY they deny they're in a relationship, before even being asked. Shappi Khorsandi and Miranda Hart 'ship them! Also, in one of their many sketch shows with titles involving their names - there's no collection online as far as I'm aware, but a lot of the sketches are on Youtube under 'Mitchell and Webb' - they have sketches where they PLAY THEMSELVES, which are a joy to behold.

There is this, in which he may or may not offer to teach Robert Webb how to perfect cunnilingus - I can't tell, because on my computer it stalls in the middle.

This, in which they compliment each other's bottoms.

This, in which Mitchell asks Webb if he wants a kiss - presumably a text kiss, but misinterpretation is easy if you decide to.

And this, in which Webb gives Mitchell an erotic massage.

(There is also this, which along with David Mitchell's comment in This Mitchell And Webb Book that he would give Robert Webb an android version of himself to have sex with in order to apologise/shut him up, fuels my Webb/Webb 'shipping. BUT irrelevant.)

Fic can be found here (also, another link at the bottom of this entry, although you have to scroll through a lot of another pairing). Alas, there is very little of it.

Also, if you actually care about the programme and not 'shipping the people in it, my two favourite That Mitchell and Webb Look sketches from the most recent series.

As my sense of humour is basically ridiculous, here is a glorious parody of football advertising, one of the most popular sketches afaik and the most-watched sketch, the highest-rated sketch, and the third-highest rated, which claims to have the best one-liner ever. I choose to believe that Daphne and Velma are marrieds in this sketch, because.

Anyway, aside from being hilarious and gay with Webb, he appears on panel shows frequently, and hosts many shows that revolve around lying. If you were a tinhat, you might take that to ~~mean something.

He is also highly 'shippable with Charlie Brooker. Brooker has tweeted about kissing him (Mitchell thought it was sexy (sarcasm be damned, THAT WAS THE WORD HE USED)), said 'You want me to remove his what? Tenderly kiss him?' about him (context: it was at a recording of one of his shows, he was being given instructions by the producer(?) through one of those microphone things and telling the audience). Clearly Brooker thinks a lot about kissing Mitchell. Although unlike Webb, he hasn't actually kissed him. Webb has kissed him WITH TONGUE.

He also said this: "David Mitchell is a boilerhouse of pure sexual energy. Every time I meet him I act all aggressive without realising it, because I'm suppressing the urge to get all Gone With The Wind on his arse."

He would like to see him as a wank inspector, and at the same recording said "You make lunging sound so charming. [pause] Would everybody else mind leaving the studio?" David Mitchell was talking about lunging at a lady in a flirting situation - he'd never chatted anyone up, but he might've got pissed and lunged.

He also threatened to deworm him to prove it was kinky. Sort of. (This recording is also where my journal title comes from!) And he wants him to read adventure stories. ~Beside him~. My face is like this :3. It is one thing flirting in an alrming and/or sexual manner, it is another to be TOTALLY CUTE.

There are nine million Brooker/Mitchell fics here (and some Mitchell/Webb! And, er, Charlie Brooker/other people and David Mitchell/other people) and here.

I did not think I was going to write very much! Ahahaha, it is nearly 5am and I have only written about one icon. Well done, me. Well done. The next two probably in 4 months, judging by last time.
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