but you're the apple of my eye anyway (newbie1990) wrote,
but you're the apple of my eye anyway

You're 23 but how can that be?

ELEVEN AND CLARAAAAAA. Oh man, they are my FAVOURITE FAVOURITE FAVOURITES. That is hyperbole, okay, but they are wonderful sometimes.

I am more invested in them as friends now? Part of me wants to keep shipping it, but part of me is all 'WHY CAN THEY NOT BE FRIENDS WHO KISS EACH OTHER'S PALMS SOMETIMES?' I am so into the palm kissing. It is a ~thing I have~. Also the Cyber Leader's speech made me ship them less, because it was highly...unconvincing.

Oh, and, CLARA'S NOSE IS PERFECT. Which implies Eleven is so lying. Or they couldn’t find anything to insult on Jenna-Louise Coleman’s face.

Also, that 'You are the only mystery worth solving' was ugh, perfect. For God-reasons (oh man, I HAVE A PROBLEM CLEARLY) and because it was also just such a beautiful line. DOCTOR/HUMANITY OTP.

Also I had SO MANY ELEVEN/CLARA FEELS in 'Journey To The Centre of the TARDIS'. THAT EPISODE and how much he cares about her - most valuable salvage! Although I have to say ON BEHALF OF DOCTOR/TARDIS SHIPPERS that he would totally think the TARDIS was the most valuable too/more so because the TARDIS has been around longer if they were looking at her as something more than A SHIP TO TEAR APART. A ship to tear apart, it's like they're Joss Whedon.

Also now I am a tactility stan. That is...a thing that has happened.

There are no spoilers for the finale here. I both like Clara's storyline and feel it may be problematic. BUT THEY HUGGED WHILE CRYING, MY HEART. Many things about that scene and alllllll the emotion everywhere this episode.

Tags: doctor who, eleven/clara, happy birthday to me~
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